Jade is a real professional who produces high quality results for all of your design and marketing needs! The first time I worked with Jade was to completely redesign the POMCAR customer checkout process for my website to make it much more seamless and intuitive for users. I gave her little to no guidance and she took the initiative to design each checkout page so that the customer knows exactly where they are and has the confidence to proceed with a transaction. She greatly improved the customer experience resulting in more than 50% fewer cart abandonments!

Jade then worked with me to produce company business cards to to promote brand awareness among partners. She not only produced cards that convey the brand and service succinctly but she suggested we use a tactile card to leave a better first impression! I never would have thought about the “feel” of a card as an option but her thoughtfulness went the extra mile.

Most recently Jade created Facebook brand awareness ads for POMCAR. She guided me toward creating ads that resonate with prospective customers to get them excited about using POMCAR. Initially, I had proposed designs that were too corporate and Jade knew to suggest ones from a customer POV. She really gets it and I would not hesitate to use her again. I whole heartedly recommend Jade for all of your analog and digital designs!