Jade has become a consultant, a teacher and I consider her part of my professional team.

Jade from day one brought ideas, an interest in learning about the complexity of what I do and the many things I do and embraced all tasks with interest and enthusiasm – yes she supplies motivation as well, many, many days for me.

From managing my charities’ website, my personal website and helping with my corporations’ website. She also communicates with the other team members to ensure all our social media is on time and relevant and that she is kept updated with any new direction I may be having or ideas I am thinking about, so that I don’t have to repeat myself with They become my Think Tank! This is what I call team work. They work together to make my life, the client, easier, simpler and accomplish allot!

Oh, and another thing I appreciate about Jade, is that she gives me a checklist after our weekly meetings of things I need to also do!